Tell it on Tuesday celebrates the expression of individual storytelling and solo performance. Coming together as a community to share works crafted by theater artists and storytellers, we provide an East Bay home to the solo performer.

The last Tuesday of almost every month!



Tickets $8 - $15 at the door only.

Bridget Frederick, Rebecca Fisher

Advisory Committee:  David Ford, Jeff Raz, Charlie Varon, Bruce Pachtman, Kirk Waller

Note: These stories contain adult material – not recommended for children.

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The Marsh Berkeley (formerly Gaia Arts Center)
2120 Allston Way (just off Shattuck), Berkeley

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Musical opening at 7pm / Stories start at 7:30
Tickets now available online! To purchase please see TIOT TICKETS.

June 26th, 2018
13-year Anniversary Celebration!


  • Trish Mulholland, My Radio Days
  • Kathryn Keats, The Hummingbird 
  • David Rodwin, Square One
  • Ben Tucker, More Than Meets The Eye
  • Lee Archer, I am trying to think of some way to make the title shorter because this one is way too long I think we can all agree.

MUSIC: Eclair de Lune Gypsy Jazz Ensemble

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Hot Club inspired Eclair de Lune Gypsy Jazz Ensemble serves up their unique interpretations of Django Reinhardt songs and other jazz favorites from the swing era and beyond. Dennis Fortin on lead guitar and vocals, Danny Bittker on clarinet, Cote Reese on accordion, Jim Pickrel on rhythm guitar, and Dave Fischer on bass.

Trish Mulholland was a top-rating radio announcer in Australia in the 1980s. Her show is a darkly funny flashback to this time when hair gel and punk transformed commercial radio, and radio in Australia sold out. Trish took a one-way ticket to London but wound up in unexpected places. She has been a theatre artist in the Bay Area for 20 years.

Kathryn Keats first began developing “The Hummingbird” at Berkeley Rep’s The Ground Floor. She is thrilled to be continuing her work with David Ford at The Marsh. 

David Rodwin is a Moth StorySLAM champion and writer/director who’s toured seven solo shows around the country including his newest, F*ck Tinder: a love story. He’s created 12 evening-length works for the stage, from the one-man, hyper-opera VIRTUAL MOTION to the huge avant-musical WARNING!: eXplicit Material. Lastly, he founded the NY-based Raw Impression, Inc./RIPFest, with which he commissioned and produced 170 ten-minute musicals and 60 short films. www.f-tinder.com

Lee Archer is a work-in-progress based in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is his first perform thingy, though he has appeared briefly at Monday Night Marsh, Marsh Madness, and Solo Sundays. He will be materializing at the 2018 Chicago Fringe Festival during Labor Day weekend.

Ben Tucker is a retired UC administrator. Stagebridge Epic Storyteller Graduate. Author, Memoir: A Good Run. Brother Ben has performed in local community theatre and participates in jazz and storytelling open mics. He will be a member of a Storytelling Cultural Exchange to China in October with the Eth-Noh-Tec Theatre Company.

July 31, 2018


  • Maria Grazia Affinito, "Mamma, leave my breasts alone!"
  • Julia Jackson, "Man Enough to be a Girl"
  • David Jacobson, "Dog's Misery Swamp"
  • Vivien Cook, “Heaven Custom Made”

MUSIC: Bekah Barnett, the Urban Minstrel

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Bekah Barnett sings songs from the heart. Her pure and clear voice is perfectly complimented by the simple and melodic piano landscapes she composes. One of the bay area's hidden gems, she has recorded two full length albums of original songs and is currently working on material for a third. Her live performances are always special events, sure to captivate and enthrall you.

Maria Grazia Affinito is a local equity actress. She has performed with various companies in the Bay Area and in several independent films. A sampling of her stage credits include Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (SF Shakespeare Festival), Ana in Displaced (Marin Theater Company), and Nancy in Gaslight (California Conservatory Theater). 

Julia Jackson is a comedienne and solo artist. She has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and comedy clubs nationwide.  Her one-woman show “Children Are Forever: All Sales Are Final” won the Best Non-Fiction Show Award at the 2016 United Solo Festival in New York City.  

Like you, David Jacobson is home to 40 trillion bacteria that weigh as much as his brain, crucially affecting his health and mood. Microbes also play key roles in "Dog's Misery Swamp," his latest solo play directed by Mark Kenward; developed with Charlie Varon. In June, Swamp went to the London (Ontario) Fringe. In August, David and his microbiota perform at Edmonton Fringe. dogsmiseryswamp.com

Vivien Cook grew up in industrial England and emigrated to the US in her early twenties. She is a writer, poet and storyteller particularly intrigued by ancestry and history. She is also a high functioning if distracted grandma. This is her third visit to Tell it on Tuesday.

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August 28

Tell it On Tuesday
Bridget Frederick and Rebecca Fisher

bridget.frederick@gmail.com and rebecca@rebeccamfisher.com

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