Tell it on Tuesday celebrates the expression of individual storytelling and solo performance. Coming together as a community to share works crafted by theater artists and storytellers, we provide an East Bay home to the solo performer.

The last Tuesday of almost every month!

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Bridget Frederick, Rebecca Fisher

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Charlie Varon, David Ford, Jeff Raz, Bruce Pachtman


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May 26, 2020
2nd MarshStream Zoom Performance!


  • Kirk Waller, I Know Moonrise
  • Pamela Ann Keane, High and Low
  • Steve Budd, What They Said About Sex

MUSIC: Forest Giulietti (Lead Guitar, Vocals etc.), David Giulietti (Rhythym guitar, Vocals)
“There is two kinds of music, the good, and the bad. I play the good kind” ~Louis Armstrong

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Forest and David Giulietti form an ensemble which consists of two bold modern daredevils of the sonic environment. They play simple music pared down to its gritty core, wear ordinary clothes and build tension with unnecessary instrument tuning and a keen ability to drop guitar picks. Born and raised in an offworld commune funded by David Bowie, they have no formal training and play music as a way to appease their god Starlord. 

Kirk Waller has been telling stories since he was in the 4th grade and hasn't stopped since. Some true, some... maybe not so much. Kirk has told locally, nationally, internationally and now.. virtually!

Pamela Ann Keane was born in Hollywood, served 4 1/2 years in prison, and is am currently working with Marin Shakespeare Company Returned Citizens Theatre and Improv Troupe.

Steve Budd is an actor, writer, storyteller, comedian, and solo performer. His solo show "What They Said About Love" won best of the SF Fringe, had an extended run at The Marsh in 2018, and was one of that year's Theatre Bay Area Top 5 Solo Productions. Steve has performed with the San Francisco Playhouse, Custom Made, Central Works, New Conservatory, Impact Theatre, and Marin Shakespeare Company, among others.

Please join us for our first ZOOM performance as one of The Marsh’s Wildcard Tuesday performances!

April 28th, 2020


  • Al Sasser, "Suitable Placement”
  • Bennet Caffee, "Elevator Pitch"
  • Eleanor Clement Glass, "Wiley and the Hairy Man”
  • Malcolm Grissom, "Before it all went to Sh#*”!

Click here for link.
Performances are free!

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Al Sasser was born in South-Central L.A. He is writing his first book, Suitable Placement, and plans to start a t-shirt business to employ formerly incarcerated people. He is currently a student at San Francisco State with a major in psychology and a minor in criminal justice.

Bennet Caffee has performed "My First Miracle" his one hour show about his experiences with Bipolar Mood Disorder at the San Francisco and the Nugget Fringe Festivals. He has been performing "Elevator Pitch" as part of "You Don't Know Me" a group show about mental health issues with the purpose of ending the stigma of mental illness.

Eleanor Clement Glass retired five years ago and took performing arts classes at Stagebridge, where she fell in love with Storytelling. Now she is a Volunteer Storyteller at the Asian Arts Museum and she tells folktales from around the world to classes in Oakland Public Schools and at assisted living facilities in the East Bay.

Malcolm Grissom's passion is to help others, whether it's helping people with unemployment insurance, coaching on different aspects of their career goals, or entertaining audiences with his own personal storytelling. He has been a touring solo performer for the past six years and has won awards in The Atlanta and Maui Fringe Festivals.

March 31st, 2020 (Cancelled due to COVID 19)


  • Steve Budd, What They Said About Sex
  • Paul Sussman, Listen Up, Jimmy Carter!                                                                 
  • Clara Kamunde, The Prince and the Pee
  • David Nihill, Documented

MUSIC: Jeff Gutman (Guitar and Vocals): Acoustic Rock: Songs filled with memorable stories and melodies

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Jeff Gutman has been releasing albums and performing shows in the Bay Area since the late 90s. His most recent album "Arrive" was released in 2017, and he has a new double album entitled "The Two Houses" that will be released early next year as well, dealing with the loss of his mother. (

Dave Nihill, originally from Dublin, Ireland, is an NPR featured storyteller, bestselling author, winner of San Francisco International Comedy Competition, runner up in the Moth’s largest US Grandslam storytelling competition and the first ever Irish comedian to have a special on Dry Bar Comedy. His work has been featured in Inc, The Huffington Post, Forbes, The Irish Times, TED, The Irish Independent, Today FM, and on TV3.

Steve Budd is an actor, writer, storyteller, standup comic, and solo performer. His solo show "What They Said About Love" was Best of the San Francisco Fringe 2016 and a TBA Top 5 Solo Production of 2018. He has performed at The Marsh, Tell it onTuesday, and Solo Sundays. He’s also acted with the San Francisco Playhouse, Custom Made, the New Conservatory, Impact, Central Works, and Marin Shakespeare

Paul Sussman has written and performed a series of solo pieces through the eyes of road-ragers, insects, Anabaptists, cannibals, and others who persist in the search for meaning amidst the puzzling evidence. He developed his approach to melodrama and farce through years of work in financial management with Bay Area nonprofit organizations.  In recognition of the 2019 premiere of his first full-length show, “The Wrong Kind of Pessimism”, he now refers to himself in the third person.

Clara Kamunde tells the occasional story here and there.. Clara highly recommends putting  her next project  "School Girls or African Mean Girl Play " at Berkeley Rep on your calendar.Only thing is though.. you mostly likely won't see her because she's understudying. sitl, it's a riot!

February 25th, 2020


  • Barbara Brady, Code Gray in the Self-check Lane
  • Claire Castell, I Heard the Shots & Pachuco Cross
  • Melinda Ginne, Ph.D., The Gentle Fate of a Wretched Mother
  • L. Abdul-Kenyatta, Back In the Day
  • Brittany A. Kamerschen, Poolside, Skid Row

MUSIC: Kate Brubeck (vocals), and Geoff Van Linden (guitar)

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Kate Brubeck, no relation to Dave, is an editor, coach, and writing consultant with a stealth singing practice, with a range including classical music, traditional Irish music, show tunes, jazz standards, folk, Americana, country, and the odd original. 

Geoff Van Lienden has been playing the guitar professionally since the 60's. More recently he has been playing jazz as well as celtic/fusion music with Colm O'Riain. He has studied with teachers as diverse as rock guitarist Joe Satriani and jazz guitarist Brian Pardoe. 

Barbara Brady performs as a singer a cappella jazz with The Merlot Notes, a 10-woman ensemble based in Silicon Valley. She spent many years as a professional cathedral chorister and soloist in Cincinnati, OH, where she also produced and performed cabaret and performance art, drawing on an even earlier obsession with modern dance.

Claire Castell found Stagebridge storytelling classes in 2017, just after retiring, and has since performed her stories around the Bay Area. She likes to tell personal true stories, but she did a deep dive into the diaspora of Loup Garou tales from Acadia area of Canada to Louisiana, and collected 19 folktales of the monster.

Melinda Ginne, Ph.D grew up in the San Fernando Valley, where her family migrated after several decades in Boyle Heights, the Jewish-Latino ghetto of East Los Angeles. Taco stands were kosher and the Shul was across the street from the Catholic Church. Her family celebrated religious holidays as Jews, but personal holidays such as birthdays, weddings, and funerals all had a Latin flavor.  

L. Abdul-Kenyatta is a bona-fide Renaissance Man. He is a regular contributor to the NPR show Snap Judgement, and he is currently working on his one-person show (Everything I ever needed to know I learned) Back in the Day.  On February 13th- he will appear at Stage Werx Theater in the show- Big Shot Storyteller.

Brittany A. Kamerschen is creative writer known for her poetry and prose within live performance. She has B.A. degree in Creative Writing from S.F.S.U. She has performed in Bay Area musical theater. She is currently in the process of publishing her first book. 

January 28th, 2020


  • Tracy Vernon, We’re Going to Marine World?!?
  • Bill Zarchy, Shanghai Lunch
  • Janet Thornburg, Self Improvement Junkie
  • Jane Gire, Bless me Doctor for I have sinned

MUSIC: Andrew Potter: Finger-style guitar on 6 and 12 string guitars
Eclectic mix of old jazz tunes, instrumentals, originals and covers

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Andrew Potter began his performing career as a music director for children’s theatre. He morphed his career into an award winning, internationally acclaimed juggling act who got their start as buskers in San Francisco in the 1980’s. He has since retired from juggling, and settled into all things musical, as it is his first love, and is much more sustainable…

Tracy Vernon is an award winning public school teacher in the East Bay. She enjoys sharing her stories from the classroom and beyond, including how her childhood experiences influence and guide her as a teacher.

Bill Zarchy worked all over the globe during his 40 years as a cinematographer, as captured in his memoir, Showdown at Shinagawa: Tales of Filming from Bombay to Brazil. Now he writes novels, shoots photos, and tells stories. He is a graduate of the EPIC Storytelling Program at Stagebridge in Oakland. 

Janet Thornburg has written and performed seven solo shows. Her fiction has been widely published in literary journals, and Rhubarb Pie, a collection of her short stories, was published in 2005.

Jane Gire is originally from Michigan where she studied theater at the U of M, moved to Chicago to "make it big" in comedy where she was side-tracked by her involvement in Greenpeace and falling in love, and ended up in San Francisco in the early 90's. She has recently come back to performance after a (I know this is really cliche) a trip to the Black Rock Desert to the Burning Man event where she re-committed herself to some promises she made to herself. 

Tell it On Tuesday
Bridget Frederick and Rebecca Fisher and

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