Tell it on Tuesday celebrates the expression of individual storytelling and solo performance. Coming together as a community to share works crafted by theater artists and storytellers, we provide an East Bay home to the solo performer.

The last Tuesday of almost every month!

Bridget Frederick, Rebecca Fisher

Advisory Committee:
Charlie Varon, David Ford, Jeff Raz, Bruce Pachtman


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August 29, 2023

Music 6:45
Stories: 7:15


  • Ike Torres, Tripping Balls with Washington
  • Cathy Bowman, Four Legs and a Funeral
  • Neshama Franklin, My brilliant careers
  • Ed Klaus, LetGovia: In a Box, to the Left

MUSICAL GUEST: Kadie Kelly, piano, guitar and vocals

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Ike Torres is a master of blending theatre, spoken word, and comedy to create unforgettable solo shows and performances. With a unique artistic vision, Ike takes audiences on transformative journeys, challenging conventions and evoking laughter and introspection. From intimate venues to national stages, his work has captivated audiences across the country.

Cathy Bowman is an award-winning cartoonist, writer and illustrator interested in the intersection of words and pictures and how we tell our stories. Before becoming an educator, she served in the Peace Corps and worked as a journalist. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she makes art, writes and teaches. 

Neshama Franklin has been telling stories ever since she could talk. She got her professional start in '89 at Marin County Library where she still works, and  has performed  all over the place ever since. She tells both personal and folk tales. She also has a radio show on KWMR and a weekly blog at Marin County Library.  Check her out on YouTube.

Ed Klaus has a burning “create or die” passion. Naturally in tune with his emotions since a child, he paints every scene with authentic passion, whether on stage or behind the camera. He studied acting at University of Wisconsin-Madison and flexed his performance prowess on many collegiate ensembles. When he is not acting, Ed transforms into Mr Klaus, an elementary school teacher with a heart of gold.


June 27, 2023
18th Anniversary


  • Cynthia Cudaback, Lessons from a Wheelchair
  • Jeremy Greco, The Big Snap
  • Lisa Safran, Scenes of a Mother
  • Scott Cohen, If It’s 7:30 in the Living Room, What Time Is It In The Kitchen?

MUSICAL GUEST: Joshua Raoul Brody, piano and vocals

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Joshua Raoul Brody  has been a regular at all the Marsh venues over its 30+ year history, collaborating with Merle Kessler, The Residents, A Karen Carpenter Xmas, Marga Gomez, Josh Kornbluth, Pulp Playhouse, and countless others, as well as doing his own work. He’s also done a bunch of other stuff. Drop him a line at to be put on his mailing list, or just to say hi.

Cynthia Cudaback, an Oakland native, grew up hiking in the Sierra Nevada and developed a passion for protecting the environment. While working on her PhD in oceanography, she met her husband and got involved in storytelling. These threads weave together in her teaching stories. website:

Jeremy Greco’s first solo show, "With Held," directed by Mark Kenward, was based on six months of interviews with San Francisco mail artist and writer John Held Jr.  Greco performed his most recent solo work, "Keeping Up with the Jorgensons" - also directed by Mark Kenward - throughout the US, including the 2017 San Francisco Fringe Festival (where it won a “Best of” award honors), and Discovery Run at The Marsh Theater.

Lisa Safran is a Bay Area writer, improvisor, & musician. Venturing into solo performing, she began working on this piece with David Ford last year, bringing in Julia McNeal, and most recently Joyful Raven to support additional direction. Lisa has two published books including Executive Presence, Improv Style and she coaches leaders around the globe. 

Scott Cohen is a storyteller and comedian, but only at night.  By day, he is a mild-mannered accountant and no one knows how funny he is.    

Tuesday, April 25, 2023, 7:00pm


  • Carole Klyce, Flight Risk
  • Precious Hicks, Full circle moments
  • Ben Tucker, Sentimental Journey

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Carole Klyce took a writing class called, Write your Life with Anne Randolf 9 years ago. With encouragement from Ann and David Ford she began writing and performing excerpts of her unusual life experience growing up on her own.
Precious Hicks is a life and wellness coach and mental health advocate. She was born and raised in San Francisco. Unfortunately, Precious found herself in an abusive relationship that led her to incarceration after a failed attempt at leaving. While incarcerated she discovered that many people had trauma way before prison, which led her to create her wellness business A Pocket of Sunshine. Now she has helped hundreds of people in their journey to heal and destress, including incarcerated women. Precious is also a member of the Formerly Incarcerated People Performance Project which develops and presents the stories of those impacted by incarceration and the justice system.
Ben Tucker
, a.k.a. Brother Ben, is a storyteller, singer, author and Podcaster. He tells personal stories and historical unsung hero tales. To find out more about Brother Ben visit his website at: His podcast is podcast on Spotify: Storytelling time with Brother Ben.

Tuesday, March 28th


  • Kat Meltzer, Nature Nurture Time Travel
  • Annamarie MacLeod, Reasons He Had to Die
  • Anthony Michael Jefferson (AJ), The Bumpy Road Less Traveled

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Kat Meltzer, Nature Nurture Time Travel
When we are little, we make sense of ourselves and our world as best we can. Kat Meltzer explores the origins of her lifelong battle with depression, and offers a powerful portrait of the child whose spirit helps her fight back.

Annamarie MacLeod, Reasons He Had to Die
Is it vengeance or justice? 2 historical poisoners and a mythological gorgon share their thoughts on murder.

Anthony Michael Jefferson (AJ), The Bumpy Road Less Traveled
Tragedy and triumph of faith, hope and, awareness of the spirit.

Tuesday, February 28th


  • Dara Kosberg, Do-Gooder
  • Algiin Ford, Behold I Make All Things New
  • Pearl Ong, The Aunts

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Dara Kosberg is a San Francisco based writer, comedian and storyteller. She's the Program Director of Reimagine, a nonprofit that helps people face adversity and loss. As part of their community-driven arts festivals that explore the end of life, she's produced comedy shows about grief and loss. In her free time, she's co-writing a workplace comedy sitcom which features the character in her piece "Do-Gooder".

Algiin Ford is a Bay Area-based writer and actor. With over 20 years of experience as a yoga instructor and wellness professional, Algiin brings a unique physicality and performance to all of his work. Algiin’s wide-ranging theater credits include classics like Skin Of Our Teeth and Fences as well as experimental plays and his own original works.

Pearl Ung has been performing short autobiographical storytelling pieces since 2019, and has performed at Solo Sunday at Stage Werx in San Francisco, Monday Nights at the Marsh, Tell it On Tuesday, and the Marsh International Solo Festival (online). Critics have raved: 'Meh'; 'Amy Tan she's not'; 'Laughable'.

January 31, 2023


  • Karen Ripley, On Line Funeral 
  • Maryclare McCauley, The Road to Revenge
  • Bill Zarchy, The Battle of the Bay

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Karen Ripley has been performing for over 35 years as a comic and improviser. She came on to the gay comedy scene in 1977 in San Francisco. She was featured on the cover of the East Bay Express with Whoopi Goldberg in the mid-80’s. She won 2005 SF Fringe Best Musical Comedy with Annie Larson in the original play “Show Me where it Hurts”. Featured in 2007 Logo TV “Wisecracks” episode 2. Ripley’s original show “Oh no there’s men on the land,” received Theatre Eddy’s Top 5 Solo Shows in 2015.

Maryclare McCauley has been writing and telling stories for the past 15 years. She has a theater background that includes performing in contemporary, classical and science plays, circus work, improvisation and dance. Presently she is learning to play the ukulele and read with a kindle rather than a paper book! Practicing the Ukulele is easier! (I know…it’s complicated)

Bill Zarchy circumnavigated the globe many times during his 40 years as a cinematographer, as chronicled in his memoir, Showdown at Shinagawa: Tales of Filming from Bombay to Brazil. Now he likes to write novels and tell tales about his work and travels across six continents. His latest book is Finding George Washington: A Time Travel Tale.

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